4th generation Shellfish brothers

We are growers, oyster-lovers and founders of the cooperation World of Oysters, with our roots in the village of Yerseke in the Southwest of the Netherlands. A small community with a long history of oyster and mussel cultivation. We – three brothers, fourth-generation shellfish growers, two on shore and one at sea – noticed our customers’ demand for a wider range of oysters. Thanks to our history and many contacts/friends in this great industry, we hit on the idea of setting up a cooperative under the name World of Oysters. Combining forces within this cooperative allows us to offer an exceptional, unique range of oysters to our customers at all times, delivered straight from the producer.

We and our team have invested in engineering and technology to supplement the knowledge we have accumulated throughout many years of traveling and working in the shellfish industry. Together with this team and the expertise of growers from other countries, every day we work towards our goal of harvesting the best oysters in the most sustainable way possible each year from our cultivation beds in the waters of the Eastern Scheldt and Lake Grevelingen.

We travel the world to meet and maintain contact with other growers. Together, we work with large and small shellfish businesses all over the world, meaning we are in the privileged position of being able to share a truly unique selection of oysters with the world.

Dhooge bestelbus vroeger
Dhooge mosselen poster