About us

As a family business, we have been active in shellfish farming since 1906, building up a reputation for quality, hard work and respect for nature and the seas we work in. We are based in Yerseke, the Netherlands, where we grow, harvest, and share our oysters with the world,  as well as travelling to meet other farmers around the world, visiting beautiful regions and their oyster farms. What we see is the same dedication to this beautiful product, as well as a huge variety of farming techniques, species, tastes and meat ratios. These trips are the start of our cooperation with some of these unique farmers and families: truly a World of Oysters. A community brought together by enthusiasm for our work with nature and passion for oysters.

Our philosophy: we believe that what matters most is acting out of love for the product. Sharing the spirit of the dedicated farmers we work with. Travelling the world to stay closely connected to the oyster farmers and constantly talk about their techniques. A cooperation that also allows us to tell the story behind the oysters.

Our passion when breeding our own brand of oysters, such as ‘Oesterij Special ‘and ‘Dutch Imperial’, is reflected by the care we take throughout every aspect of this cooperation. A cooperation that enables us to join forces to distribute a unique, special brand of oysters to our customers.

J. Dhooge

Why choose world of oysters?

Are you a seafood wholesaler, fish shop or oyster bar, and do you want us to deliver a range of unique oysters to you? Or maybe you’re searching for a partner to distribute the oysters you farm? Then let us be your partner!

World of Oysters cooperation holds a range of exclusive, special oyster brands in daily stock. For efficient distribution, we work with dedicated farmers from all over the world. This means you can benefit from placing your order directly with us and having a wide range of oysters delivered directly from the source. You can count on us for your daily fresh delivery, worldwide, by road or air.

About Delivery

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