We make daily deliveries of fresh oysters to seafood specialists around the world. Our partners are seafood wholesalers, fish shops and specialised seafood/oyster bars. We at World of Oysters not only deliver special oysters straight from the farmer, but also encourage you to share their stories with your consumers. Do you have a passion for oysters and want to sell unique oysters from passionate oyster farmers around the world? Then we would love to hear from you.

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Fresh in stock (daily)!

We arrange daily transportation from our farmers around the world and can store our oysters in our high-quality, certified purification systems for a final food safety or quality check if necessary.

As we are a cooperation of farmers, you can benefit from placing your order directly with us and having a wide range of oysters delivered directly from the source. If you would like to find out more about our complete range, please email us at or call us on 0031 – (0)113 760 850.

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Delivery options

We make daily fresh deliveries to many cities and partners, worldwide. Our aim is to supply our fresh range of oysters as efficient as possible by road, by air or by container using special water systems. We at World of Oysters can help with all the necessary documentation and certificates.

Where we deliver

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Seafood Wholesalers
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Fish Shops

"We have a wide range of brands, qualities and tastes"

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