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Grevelingen Creuse

The Grevelingen Creuse is also called Zeeland Creuse Special. This delightful delicacy is cultivated with great dedication and craftsmanship by the Dhooge family of De Oesterij in Yerseke. The unique nutrient riches of Grevelingenmeer give this oyster its distinctive special flavour. The cocktail of algae aromas, the many hours of sunshine and the clear water turn the unique flavour of this plump and creamy oyster into a true taste sensation. The Grevelingen Creuse has a deep-cupped bowl and an oval, jagged shell.

De Oesterij disposes of 9 different plots of 5 hectares each in Grevelingenmeer. As a result, De Oesterij can guarantee continuous supply and premium quality throughout the season.

Oysters fished by de Oesterij are MSC certified. This guarantees sustainable farming and harvesting.

Oestermandje Grevelingen Creuse
Breeding Area The Netherlands, Province of Zeeland, Grevelingenmeer. De Grevelingen is the largest saltwater lake in Europe and has been a protected nature reserve since 2003. Due to strict inspections and requirements, this is one of Europe's cleanest and most nutrient-rich breeding grounds. The abundance of food, the many hours of sunshine that Zeeland enjoys, the clear water and the sheltered location make De Grevelingen a perfect area for oyster farming.
Breeding methode

Bottom culture


The Grevelingen Creuse has a creamy, full flavour, which is complemented by a hint of sweetness. The nutrient-rich cultivation area turns this beautiful oyster into a true taste sensation. The Grevelingen Creuse is somewhat less briny and slightly more delicate and creamier in taste than the Oosterschelde Creuse.

Season The Grevelingen Creuse is available in the following grades from September to May:

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'World of Oysters Selection'

The Dhooge family specialise in the growing of crustaceans and shellfish. The business is currently in the hands of the fourth generation: brothers Jurrie, Gerrie & Jean. The Dhooge family are absolutely committed to delivering the highest quality products in a sustainable way. Long-term cooperation with customers and chefs is an essential component of this.

For this reason, the family is more than pleased to welcome potential customers, chefs and hotel & catering schools to the Oesterij, where they have set up an information centre on the growing of oysters and mussels at the historic oyster beds. Alongside tours on land and on the water, here you can also taste their range of fresh oysters and mussels.