Special de claire franse oester

Huîtres à Volant

Huîtres à Volant is a special selection of oysters from Normandy with a meat percentage above 10.5%.
With its long beaches and steep chalk cliffs, Normandy is home to superb oyster grounds and has become one of the leading oyster-producing regions of France in recent decades.

Aided by the significant tidal difference, the oysters filter plenty of nutrient-rich seawater every day. Huîtres à Volant oysters can be recognised by their hard, sturdy and slightly rougher shell. This bold oyster from Normandy has a fresh, salty taste.

This oyster has been selected by World of Oysters. World of Oysters is in daily contact with a selected group of passionate growers growing this type of oyster. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and prices.

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Special de claire - Volant
Breeding area France - the Normandy coast. Aided by the significant tidal difference, the oysters filter plenty of nutrient-rich seawater every day. They can be recognised by their hard, sturdy and slightly rougher shell.

Suspended rack culture, principally in bags on oyster racks one metre above the sea bottom.


This oyster has a full, meaty creamy taste.

Season The Huîtres à Volant oyster has a meat percentage of above 10.5% and is available all year round.

'World of Oysters Selection'

There is a select passionate craft oyster growers in France specialising in the cultivation of the Huîtres à Volant . They are involved in the production of this stunning oyster day and night, making use of many years of knowledge and experience. The quality of the oysters depends on many factors, over some of which the grower can exercise little control. World of Oysters maintains contact with this group of selected growers concerning the situation in the cultivation beds. This allows us to offer a constant quality of Huîtres à Volant oysters throughout the year.

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Oester Oesterij special

Oesterij Special

This full, creamy Dutch oyster is grown in specially designed oyster baskets attached to oyster racks. This gives the oyster its lovely, deep shape. As the Oosterschelde is among the cleanest waters in the world, and we grow both diploid and triploid oysters, these oysters are available in top quality and with their unique taste all year round. We are proud that many top chefs have chosen this unique, special oyster and we can't wait for you to taste them!

Irish mor oyster

Irish Mór

The IRISH MÓR label consists of a very strict selection of high-quality oysters from Ireland. We have teamed up with a select group of artisan oyster farmers who opt for quality rather than quantity, and who do so in a highly sustainable way. Thanks to our broader cooperation, we dispose of excellent full and creamy oysters all year round. The Irish Mór has a beautiful thick and smooth shell, with a pearly white inside and a beautiful deep cup.

Flat Oyster Dutch Imperial

Dutch Imperial

This unique Dutch oyster of exceptional quality is cultivated by the Dhooge Family (Oesterij) in Lake Grevelingen and the Eastern Scheldt. Due to the vulnerability of the Ostrea Edulis species, this oyster requires a lot of attention and care from the grower. The Dutch Imperial brand is a selection of the best flat oysters from the oyster farms in the Zeeland waters in the Netherlands. After careful selection, grading and checks, it is sold to well-known hotels and restaurants all over the world.