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Take a look at our wide variety of oysters and meet the passionate farmers behind these oysters. Feel free to contact us for more information on our oysters and delivery options. Fresh delivery, worldwide!

Irish mor oyster

Irish Mór

The IRISH MÓR label consists of a very strict selection of high-quality oysters from Ireland. We have teamed up with a select group of artisan oyster farmers who opt for quality rather than quantity, and who do so in a highly sustainable way. Thanks to our broader cooperation, we dispose of excellent full and creamy oysters all year round. The Irish Mór has a beautiful thick and smooth shell, with a pearly white inside and a beautiful deep cup.

oester wild atlantic

Rock oysters

Under our Rock Oyster label, we supply a selection of high-quality Creuse oysters of Irish origin. The excellent meat content and the balance between tender and sweet are typical of our Irish Special. It owes these traits to the bays and areas around Ireland, where it is cultivated. These waters are rich in plankton and minerals – essential nutrients for oysters. World of Oysters keeps in touch every day with a selected group of passionate farmers and makes a selection from the available supply.

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