"We are proud to present our quality true Irish Oysters that drink from the tidal waters of Cromane. Oisrí oysters are nestled within the inlet of Dingle Bay. A large and natural expanse of oceanic water opening into the Wild Atlantic Ocean. 

At Oisrí our team of experienced fishermen are dedicated and passionate about the marine environment and aquaculture sustainability. Each Oisrí bag is hand shaken to assist in natures craft for a perfectly deep cup full of delicious meat."


Oisri oyster shoot

Oisrí is an Irish Oyster company founded by a dedicated team of family and friends who have  combined their passion and experience into a creative and quality collaboration . The O'Sullivan founding family have been farming mussels and oysters in Cromane for over 100 years.  After 2 decades of friendship and workmanship the O'Sullivan and Walsh families combined and committed their efforts into proudly present their specialty Oisrí oysters from Cromane.

In the Irish language Oisrí translates to ‘Oyster’ which reflects the purity and quality of the product, service of the crew and mission for the future. 

Oisri oyster shot
About the area Cromane

Cromane is a small, rural fishing village 8 miles west of Killorglin on the Wild Atlantic Way on the Ring of Kerry. Cromane sits at the western end of Castlemaine Harbour – the largest natural mussels bed in Ireland. Some would call it ‘coastal countryside’ where the grassy fields of green meet the pebble shores of the sea. In fact, Lonely Planet labelled Cromane as one of the top 50 places in the world to visit off the beaten track. It’s no wonder our Oysters are of such excellent quality … as it was once said ‘An oyster conveys its life experience directly to your senses’.