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Under the ‘Salgado’ label, we deliver a selection of high-quality Creuse oysters from Portugal. We have made a selection of the most beautiful Specials from local growers, with a yield of meats above 10.5%.

This oyster has been selected by World of Oysters. World of Oysters is in contact daily with a selected group of passionate growers who cultivate this type of oysters. Please contact us for further information and prices.

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Verpakking Ostras Salgado Portugal
Breeding area Portugal – World of Oysters is in contact with a group of passionate growers, meaning we are always up-to-date with the situation in the various growing areas. We select the best oysters available at any moment, meaning we are able to supply consistent, great quality of the Salgado specials all year round from the various cultivation areas.
Breeding method

Rack culture


The Salgado oysters are very nice meaty creamy oysters with a special salty aftertaste.

Season These oysters are available all year round and have a good meat percentage.

Our selection

Format Weight
Nr. 4 46 - 65 grams
Nr. 3 66 - 85 grams
Nr. 2 86 - 120 grams
Nr. 1 120 - 150 grams
Nr. 0 +150 grams

'World of Oysters Selection'

There are many passionate oyster growers in Portugal using traditional methods and specialising in growing beautiful Specials. They work day and night on the cultivation of these great oysters, making good use of many years of specialist knowledge and experience. The quality of their product depends on many factors, some of which are difficult for the growers to control. World of Oysters maintains contact with a group of selected growers in relation to the situation in the growing areas, which allows us to offer a consistent quality of the Salgado specials all year round.

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oester wild atlantic

Rock oysters

Onder het Rock Oyster label leveren wij een selectie hoge kwaliteit Creuse oesters van Ierse afkomst. Kenmerkend aan de Irish Special is het mooie vleesgehalte en de balans tussen zacht en zoet. Dit heeft deze oester te danken aan de baaien en gebieden rond Ierland waar hij wordt gekweekt. Deze wateren zijn rijk aan plankton mineralen, essentiële voedingsstoffen voor de oester. World of Oysters heeft dagelijks contact met een geselecteerde groep gepassioneerde kwekers en maakt een selectie uit het beschikbare aanbod.

Irish mor oyster

Irish Mór

The IRISH MÓR label consists of a very strict selection of high-quality oysters from Ireland. We have teamed up with a select group of artisan oyster farmers who opt for quality rather than quantity, and who do so in a highly sustainable way. Thanks to our broader cooperation, we dispose of excellent full and creamy oysters all year round. The Irish Mór has a beautiful thick and smooth shell, with a pearly white inside and a beautiful deep cup.

Flat Oyster Dutch Imperial

Dutch Imperial

This unique Dutch oyster of exceptional quality is cultivated by the Dhooge Family (Oesterij) in Lake Grevelingen and the Eastern Scheldt. Due to the vulnerability of the Ostrea Edulis species, this oyster requires a lot of attention and care from the grower. The Dutch Imperial brand is a selection of the best flat oysters from the oyster farms in the Zeeland waters in the Netherlands. After careful selection, grading and checks, it is sold to well-known hotels and restaurants all over the world.