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Meet a few of our oysters

 Oosterschelde Creuse oester

Oosterschelde Creuse

The Oosterschelde Creuse is also called Zeeland Creuse. This briny delicacy is cultivated with great dedication and craftsmanship by the Dhooge family of De Oesterij in Yerseke. The unique flavour of this delicate oyster is lightly fruity with a deliciously fresh and briny accent. The Oosterschelde's robust sea flavour creates the sophisticated bite that sets this oyster apart. The Oosterschelde Creuse has a deep-cupped bowl and an oval, jagged shell.

Special de claire franse oester

Special de Claire

The Special de Claire is a well-known French oyster that has undergone its last 'affinage' (ripening process) in the 'claires'. This oyster stays in the claires for longer than most of its predecessors: namely 2 to 6 months, with a maximum density of 10 oysters per square metre. This gives this oyster its characteristic roundness and depth. The taste of a Special de Claire differs from a Fine de Claire in the firmer texture of the meat and ...

Portugal special portugese oester

Special de Portugal

Under the ‘Portugal de Special’ label, we deliver a selection of high-quality Creuse oysters from Portugal, in particular the Setubal area. Selecting from the products of local growers allows us to offer beautiful specials  with meat percentages in excess of 10.5%. These oysters are less salty than is usual in this region. World of Oysters is in contact daily with a selected group of passionate growers, and makes a selection from the supply on offer.