Taste the difference between the different oyster varieties. Three unique types of oysters from different areas and with various backgrounds in one single oyster basket. Are you interested and do you want to know more about this, please contact us.

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The ’Europe’ Tastingbox

Sample box ‘Europe’ contains a selection of exceptional European oysters from France, the Netherlands and Ireland. Let us introduce you to these unique oysters and the stories of their passionate growers. Join us on our journey and taste the difference. This box has been carefully assembled in partnership with World of Oysters, a cooperation of oyster farmers.

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Type : Crassostrea Gigas (creuse)
This full, creamy Dutch oyster is grown in specially designed oyster baskets attached to oyster racks. This gives the oyster its lovely, deep-cupped shape. We grow both diploid and triploid oysters. These top-quality oysters with their unique taste are available all year round.
> Breeding area : The Netherlands - Eastern Scheldt.


Type : Crassostrea Gigas (creuse)
The Fine de Claire is a well-known French oyster that has undergone its last ‘affinage’ (ripening process) in the ‘claires’ on the Atlantic coast of France. These exceptional claires, which are connected to the open sea, are shallow closable basins.
> Breeding area : France


Type : Crassostrea Gigas (creuse)
The Rock Oyster is the label that represents a select group of passionate growers on the Irish coast who grow these beautiful rough oysters on the "Wild Atlantic Way". The Irish coast has many open connections to the sea, providing ideal conditions for growing oysters. A nice selection of oysters selected by World of Oysters with a meat percentage of around 10.5%.
> Breeding area : Ireland

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Meet a few of our oysters

oester wild atlantic

Wild Atlantic

Wild Atlantic Oyster is the brand representing all 4 oyster producers in Sligo Bay, on Ireland’s North West coast. The current generation of farmers have a combined experience of shellfish farming going back over ninety years, and they apply their knowledge and skills daily to nurture their oysters to maturity, producing a superb quality and flavour in a finely shaped shell.

Flat Oyster Dutch Imperial

Dutch Imperial

This unique Dutch oyster of exceptional quality is cultivated by the Dhooge Family (Oesterij) in Lake Grevelingen and the Eastern Scheldt. Due to the vulnerability of the Ostrea Edulis species, this oyster requires a lot of attention and care from the grower. The Dutch Imperial brand is a selection of the best flat oysters from the oyster farms in the Zeeland waters in the Netherlands. After careful selection, grading and checks, it is sold to well-known hotels and restaurants all over the world.

 Oosterschelde Creuse oester

Oosterschelde Creuse

The Oosterschelde Creuse is also called Zeeland Creuse. This briny delicacy is cultivated with great dedication and craftsmanship by the Dhooge family of De Oesterij in Yerseke. The unique flavour of this delicate oyster is lightly fruity with a deliciously fresh and briny accent. The Oosterschelde's robust sea flavour creates the sophisticated bite that sets this oyster apart. The Oosterschelde Creuse has a deep-cupped bowl and an oval, jagged shell.