Special de claire franse oester

Special de claire

The Special de Claire is a well-known French oyster that has undergone its last 'affinage' in the claires, found principally in the Marennes-Orléron, Bretagne and La Vendée regions. These claires, which are connected to the open sea, are shallow closable basins in the past used mainly for the production of salt. The Special de Claire oysters spend 2 to 6 months in the claire at a maximum density of 10 oysters per square metre to ensure that they achieve the desired roundness and depth. A deeper recess in the shell gives a larger amount of flesh. Thanks to the affinage in the claires, these oysters have a stronger, slightly sweeter taste. The taste of a Special de Claire differs from a Fine de Claire in the firmer texture of the meat, the volume in the mouth and an remarkable balance of salt and sweet.

This oyster has been selected by World of Oysters. World of Oysters is in daily contact with a selected group of passionate growers growing this type of oyster. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and prices.

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Verpakking special de claire
Breeding area France. This oyster can be grown in various parts of France, but must have spent at least 2 months in the famous 'claires' in order to be called a Special de Claire.

Suspended rack culture, principally in bags on oyster racks one metre above the sea bottom.


This oyster has a full, meaty creamy taste.

Season The Special de Claire has a meat percentage of above 10.5% and is available all year round in the following selections:

Our selection

Format Weight
Nr. 4 46-65 grams
Nr. 3 66-85 grams
Nr. 2 86-120 grams
Nr. 1 120-150 grams
Nr. 0 +150 grams
Verpakingen oester opslag

'World of Oysters Selection'

There are many passionate craft oyster growers in France specialising in the cultivation of the Special de Claire. They are involved in the production of this stunning oyster day and night, making use of many years of knowledge and experience. The quality of the oysters depends on many factors, over some of which the grower can exercise little control. World of Oysters maintains contact with a group of selected growers concerning the situation in the cultivation beds. This allows us to offer a constant quality of Special de Claire oysters throughout the year.

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