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Wild atlantic

Wild Atlantic Oyster is the brand representing the oyster producers in Sligo Bay, on Ireland’s North West coast. Sligo Bay has numerous inlets with ideal conditions for the cultivation of oysters. Indeed, even the name Sligo (Sligeach in Gaelic) means “Shelly Place” a reference to the abundance of oyster shells found in the bay. Sligo has a history of oyster cultivation spanning three centuries;  oysters were exported from Sligo to hotels and restaurants in London since the mid-nineteenth century. Our producers specialize in the cultivation of the Pacific oyster species Crassostrea Gigas, which they source from their own shellfish hatchery on the shores of Sligo Bay.

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Oestermandje wild atlantic
Breeding area Ireland - Sligo Bay

Suspended rack culture, principally in bags on oyster racks one metre above the sea bottom.


Wild Atlantic Oysters are distinguished by their fresh, salty foretaste, a firm texture and a full, aromatic, nutty aftertaste.

Season De Wild Atlantic oyster is available all year round in the following selections, see below.

Our selection

Format Weight
Nr. 4 46-65 grams
Nr. 3 66-85 grams
Nr. 2 86-120 grams
Nr. 1 120-150 grams
Nr. 0 +150 grams

The farmers 'Wild Atlantic'

The Wild Atlantic Oyster brand is owned by the four oyster producers in Sligo Bay, one of whom manages the shellfish hatchery, the other three being oyster farmers. Each farmer operates his own licensed site and all three collaborate in the depuration, packing and sales of their oysters. This seed can be genetically traced to the original brood stock of Crassostrea Gigas imported from British Columbia in the early 1970s, when an oyster variety suitable for cultivation in Irish waters was being investigated. This investigation proved that the selected species was ideally suited to Irish conditions.

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Meet a few of our oysters

oester wild atlantic

Rock oysters

Onder het Rock Oyster label leveren wij een selectie hoge kwaliteit Creuse oesters van Ierse afkomst. Kenmerkend aan de Irish Special is het mooie vleesgehalte en de balans tussen zacht en zoet. Dit heeft deze oester te danken aan de baaien en gebieden rond Ierland waar hij wordt gekweekt. Deze wateren zijn rijk aan plankton mineralen, essentiële voedingsstoffen voor de oester. World of Oysters heeft dagelijks contact met een geselecteerde groep gepassioneerde kwekers en maakt een selectie uit het beschikbare aanbod.

Irish mor oyster

Irish Mór

The IRISH MÓR label consists of a very strict selection of high-quality oysters from Ireland. We have teamed up with a select group of artisan oyster farmers who opt for quality rather than quantity, and who do so in a highly sustainable way. Thanks to our broader cooperation, we dispose of excellent full and creamy oysters all year round. The Irish Mór has a beautiful thick and smooth shell, with a pearly white inside and a beautiful deep cup.

Flat Oyster Dutch Imperial

Dutch Imperial

This unique Dutch oyster of exceptional quality is cultivated by the Dhooge Family (Oesterij) in Lake Grevelingen and the Eastern Scheldt. Due to the vulnerability of the Ostrea Edulis species, this oyster requires a lot of attention and care from the grower. The Dutch Imperial brand is a selection of the best flat oysters from the oyster farms in the Zeeland waters in the Netherlands. After careful selection, grading and checks, it is sold to well-known hotels and restaurants all over the world.