Yerseke Oyster festival IX Recap

We can look back at three hugely successful days dedicated to an array of culinary surprises, exceptional guests and performances. All of course starring this festival’s main ingredient: the oyster! This second edition of the Yerseke Oyster Festival can truly be seen as a resounding success. See you next year!

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Syrco Bakker
Syrco Bakker
Oesterij stand

World of Oysters is one of the partners in the Yerseke Oyster Festival. Thanks to World of Oysters, visitors to the festival can taste oysters from all corners of the globe, each with their own, unique story. You will seldom see this many oysters in one place: only at the Oyster Festival. Many top chefs such as Syrco Bakker (Pure C **) and Jeffrey Laarberg (Inter Scaldes ***) have attended the festival, cooking up stunning oyster dishes.

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