Oosterschelde Creuse oester

Zeeuwse Creuse

Zeeland Creuse is cultivated in plots along the Oosterschelde estuary and can be recognised by its rough, jagged exterior. Zeeland Creuse is ready for consumption after 2 to 3 years. This salty delicacy is cultivated with great dedication and craftsmanship by the Dhooge family of De Oesterij in Yerseke. Thanks to its sheltered location and temperature and the salinity of the pure water, the Oosterschelde is the perfect area to cultivate this sublime oyster.

To farm this genuine Zeeland oyster, De Oesterij disposes of 21 plots in the Oosterschelde, with a total surface area of 105 hectares. As a result, De Oesterij can guarantee continuous supply and premium quality throughout the season.

Oysters fished by de Oesterij are MSC certified. This guarantees sustainable farming and harvesting.

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Zeeuwse Creuse Oesterij


Breeding area

The Netherlands, Province of Zeeland, Oosterschelde National Park. The Oosterschelde is directly connected to the North Sea. Due to strict inspections and requirements, this is one of Europe's cleanest and most nutrient-rich breeding grounds. The Oosterschelde is the perfect area for the cultivation of this beautiful oyster. This is due to its sheltered location, the temperature and the salinity of the clear water and the peaty soil.

Breeding method

Bottom culture


The unique flavour of the Zeeland Creuse is lightly fruity with a deliciously fresh and briny accent. The Oosterschelde's robust sea flavour creates the sophisticated bite that sets this oyster apart.


Zeeland Creuse is available year-round.