Irish mor oyster

Irish Mór

This exclusive oyster from the IRISH MÓR label is cultivated by a select group of traditional oyster farmers who choose quality over quantity in a highly sustainable way. The IRISH MÓR label promises a very strict selection of high-quality oysters from Ireland.

This soft creamy oyster, created by a mix of fresh water from the rivers and salty water from the Atlantic, offers an excellent taste experience. Its high meat percentage – no less than 12% or higher – makes for a high-quality and flavourful oyster. IRISH MÓR oysters have a beautifully solid smooth shell with a pearly white interior and a nice deep cup.

This oyster is not seasonal and available all year round.

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Verpakking Irish Mor oester
Breeding area Ireland
Breeding method

Rack-and-bag culture


The mix of fresh water from the rivers and the salty water from the Atlantic Ocean creates a beautiful soft and creamy taste experience.

Season The Irish Mór has a meat percentage above 10.5% and is available all year round.


Our selection

Format Weight
Nr. 4 46-65 grams
Nr. 3 66-85 grams
Nr. 2 86-120 grams
Nr. 1 120-150 grams
Nr. 0 +150 grams

The farmers "Irish Mór"

There are many passionate craft oyster growers in Ireland who focus on quality rather than quantity. They are involved in the production of this stunning oyster day and night, making use of many years of knowledge and experience. The quality of the oysters depends on many factors, over some of which the grower can exercise little control. World of Oysters maintains contact with a group of selected growers concerning the situation in the cultivation beds. As a result, we can offer first-rate quality IRISH MOR oysters year-round in limited quantities.