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Take a look at our wide variety of oysters and meet the passionate farmers behind these oysters. Feel free to contact us for more information on our oysters and delivery options. Fresh delivery, worldwide!

Oester Oesterij special

Oesterij Special

This full, creamy Dutch oyster is grown in specially designed oyster baskets attached to oyster racks. This gives the oyster its lovely, deep shape. As the Oosterschelde is among the cleanest waters in the world, and we grow both diploid and triploid oysters, these oysters are available in top quality and with their unique taste all year round. We are proud that many top chefs have chosen this unique, special oyster and we can't wait for you to taste them!

 Oosterschelde Creuse oester

Zeeland Creuse

This salty delicacy is cultivated with great dedication and craftsmanship on the seed beds of De Oesterij. These oyster beds in the Oosterschelde are extremely suitable for bottom cultivation. Zeeland Creuse can be recognised by its rough, jagged exterior and is ready for consumption after two to three years.

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